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Pricing & Turnaround

What is the turnaround time on my order?

Our current production times are an estimated average of 5 - 30 business days depending on packaging/print type, order size, and the time of the year. Having greater customization with more additional processes on your custom packaging generally yields slightly longer production times. Print service turnaround is generally a lot quicker in comparison to packaging.

Important considerations:

  1. Shipping time is not included in the listed turnaround times. (see our shipping times).

  2. Large orders may require a longer production time (especially rigid boxes).

  3. Production turnaround starts when your final proof has been approved and submitted.

Do you have volume discounts?

Yes, we do! High-quantity orders generally net a lower cost-per-unit (higher quantity = bulk savings) on all of our packaging orders.

What choices affect my pricing?

Here are some of the choices that may affect the price of your packaging:

  1. Size (larger packaging requires more sheets of material to be used)

  2. Quantity (ordering higher quantities will net you a lower cost per unit)

  3. Material (premium materials will cost more)

  4. Additional processes (additional processes require extra work)

  5. Finish (premium finishes will cost more)


What shipping options do you offer? Is shipping included in my quote?

We offer Air, Ground, and Sea shipping depending on the manufacturing origin and destination.


With several shipping methods available, shipping is generally not included in your quote unless stated explicitly during your consultation stage. We can provide more accurate shipping estimates upon request.

Will I receive a confirmation that my order has shipped?

Yes - As part of our project management, your Product Specialist will update you whenever there are any changes to your order.


When your mass production is complete, you will get a notification that your order is ready to be shipped. You will additionally receive another notification that your order has been picked up and shipped.

Can I collect my boxes personally?

Unfortunately, we currently do not have a centralized location for customers to collect their boxes personally.


Our packaging is manufactured at facilities locally and internationally and shipped directly to our customers from our facilities.

Will all of my items ship together?

It depends. If all items can be manufactured at a single manufacturing facility, your items will be eligible to be shipped together in one shipment. In the case of multiple types of packaging that cannot be fulfilled within a single manufacturing facility, your items may have to be shipped separately.

Where does my order ship from?

We ship from several production facilities across North America (USA and Canada) and Asia.

Depending on your initial consultation with our product specialists, strategic manufacturing and brand specifications will help determine where your orders will be manufactured and shipped from.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes - All of our products are available to be shipped both locally and internationally - with limited restrictions.

I want to change my shipping method. How do I do that?

If your order has not been shipped out yet, you can contact your designated Product Specialist, and they'll be happy to update the shipping method for the order.


Our product specialists will provide you with new quotes for the updated shipping methods and ensure your order is up to date on our system.

Complaints & Refunds

Who do I contact to report a problem?

If you're having an issue with your custom packaging, you may contact:


Please email your Product Specialist with the following information:

  1. Order #

  2. A detailed description of the issue

  3. High-resolution picture of the issue - the more information we have, the better

What if my products are defective or have quality issues? Can I get a refund?

Under normal circumstances, refunds are not provided on orders due to the nature of custom packaging.


In the event of defects or quality issues, we take full responsibility and proactively work with you to arrange a solution, which can result in a replacement, refund, or credit.


The customer must notify C&S within 5 business days of delivery of any defects discovered, failing to do so, the customer is automatically deemed satisfied with the product. C&S determines that a product is a defective product if it has a structural or printing error from manufacturing (improper construction, cutting, or finish) other than the following:

  1. cracking which occurs when creased in printed areas as a result of over-expansion with paperboard material (can occur due to the nature of paperboard)

  2. minor cracking along creased areas for non-laminated cardstock (this is normal)

  3. cracking, bends, or scratches produced as a result of mishandling or shipping

  4. variance in specifications including styles, dimensions, materials, print options, print layouts, finishing, that is within 2.5%

  5. variance in color and density (including between any proofs and final product)

My boxes came in damaged. How do I get them replaced?

We're very sorry to hear that your boxes have arrived damaged. While we do our very best to package and protect your boxes for shipping, sometimes things can happen that are beyond our control.

If the items you have received appear to be damaged, please contact your Product Specialist. We will review your request and help solve your issue as soon as possible.


Please email your Product Specialist with the following information:

  1. Order #

  2. A detailed description of the damaged product(s)

  3. High-resolution picture of the damage - the more information we have, the better

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